Monday, March 30, 2009

Help Real Food Challenge Win $10,000 on!!!

By Maggie

I'm part of this amazing organization called Real Food Challenge and recently we embarked upon the adventure of winning $10,000 on a website. All we needed to do was get enough people to vote. Today is the day before the polls close and we're in second place. As you can imagine I'm going a little crazy.
If you're already ready to help out the Real Food Challenge you really should by going to the link below and voting. It takes less than a minute and the site doesn't spam.

If you're not convinced yet, let's keep talking...

First thing to know is that I'm in California writing this for a blog based out of Maryland. This is the beauty of the Real Food Challenge. It's a nation wide network of students who care about changing the food system. Our goal? Shift dining dollars in universities across the country to the purchasing of Real Food.

If you don't already know, colleges spend about 4 billion dollars to feed all the hungry, studying, partying, students of the United States. Imagine if those dollars went towards food that represents our values. You know, food that is grown in a way that doesn't destroy the soil, air, and water. Food that doesn't depend on animal cruelty. Food that is planted, harvested, processed, and distributed by people who get paid decent wages and have safe working conditions. Food that we call real. Environmentally sound, community based, humane, and fair. Oh yeah, and you think this would be obvious but apparently some dining services haven't quite got the drift yet; we want food that's healthy.

The interests that be maintain the current food system by mining our natural resources, exploiting farmers and farm laborers, and uprooting communities. And these interests are nationally and globally networked. They're talking to each other. They're making deals and trucking food across the country.
The Real Food Challenge was born out of the idea that we need to start talking too. And talk we do. Hundreds of schools are plugged in to the Challenge and it only officially started last year. Students, however, have been working on their campuses for decades, demanding their dining halls feed them food that's healthy for their bodies and their world. Now these students are finally coming together through the Real Food Challenge and sharing their challenges, their successes, their best practices. All this talking has created real action with students putting more pressure on their eateries, starting up student farms, creating new curriculum in their schools, and even taking on dining internships and ordering the food they believe in.

So can you vote to get us some money? Like I said it's simple and easy and the money will go towards training more students to do more work and bring more people together and ... basically an explosion of goodness will happen.

For more info and to join the Real Food Challenge check out

Be well, eat well, and have fun!


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Seriously, if you are reading this comment and have not yet voted please do so now! There is still time!

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