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Pastry Chef Ben Roche Discusses Molecular Gastronomy and Chicago's Moto Restaurant at Taste3 Conference - May 22, 2007

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May 22, 2007

Moto Restaurant's 21-year-old Pastry Chef Ben Roche demonstrates the unique dining experience at Moto with his version of Carrot Cake, Nachos, and Wine and Food Pairing.

I thought it might be nice to get our minds out of the dining halls for a little while with something very different. Josh Hirsh, our culinary arts expert, sent me a link to this clip about a month ago. He wrote a research paper called "An Exploratory Study of the Existence of Molecular Gastronomy Restaurants in the Washington, D.C. Area" which he has agreed to share with the Dining Hall Digest community in the near future.

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Josh Hirsh said...

I...want...those...nachos! So badly it hurts.

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