Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to Throw a Stone Soup Party

Remember the children's book Stone Soup? You know, the one in which two crafty tricksters con a village into donating food for a lavish soup by starting out with a pot containing solely water and stones. My mom recently came up with a pretty cool mealtime activity based off the premise of the book. She proudly calls it a "Stone Soup Party."

The concept is simple. Invite a bunch of friend over for a meal and ask that each person bring one ingredient for use in making a delicious homemade soup. In order to accommodate every one's tastes and dietary restriction you may want to create a list of recommended and prohibited ingredients to distribute in advance. If you cook the soup in a medium to large crock pot or rice cooker you can set up in a common room and hang out during the downtime. Maybe, if you're really into it, you can sponsor reading of Stone Soup?

Now how about this... (This part is all me!) Expand the idea even further and make it a campus-wide event in support of local produce. Look into having your school sponsor a trip to a nearby farmer's market. is a great way out when and where they are. See if you can get a space on campus to set up multiple cookers and hold activities while the soup is on.

I think this is the actual recipe from the book. If you're not keen on surprises why not try making this instead! Just make sure you clean the stone (or leave it out).

Stone Soup was original published in 1947 and was based off an old French tale!

Look mom! Somebody made it into a play!


Lisa said...

Wow Mike you really made an interesting blog entry out of my idea!!I really like how you thought of using the idea to support local produce.Perhaps the dining hall could cook up a vegetable soup and name it "Stone soup"? Keep up the good writing! Mom

Anonymous said...

Mike, I really love the idea of throwing a Stone Soup party! What a great way to bring a community together!

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