Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Old Man and The Sea: A Locally Owned Middle Eastern Restaurant on Israel's Mediterranean Coastline in Jaffa, Tel Aviv

By Jacob Dilson

Here in America, meat is widely considered a necessity for each and every meal. It may seem logical to such a population of carnivores that any green on a plate must be balanced out by a heaping pile of meat. The humble Israeli town of Jaffa, Tel Aviv, turns this idea on its side.

One local restaurant is The Old Man and The Sea. This uniquely superb establishment does indeed serve meat, but its claim to fame (aside from impeccable service) is the world of appetizers that comes before: The mouth-watering salad platters of homemade hummus (to bitter the taste of any American brand), the fresh tahina (nothing so simple has ever been so delicious)…

Over fifteen vegetarian dishes are prepared and seasoned in a multitude of distinct ways, served on a heavy platter nearly seconds after you sit down; the better part of your day will be spent spreading them on slices of pita bread and munching on them in bliss. Topping it all off is a window view of the sprawling Mediterranean Sea.
Indeed, the tantalizing salad selections offered in Jaffa’s The Old Man and The Sea are better testimony than any that meat is nowhere near vital for a stomach-pleasing meal. A quick look at the restaurant’s ratings will obliterate any doubt.

The Old Man and the Sea
Kedem Street 83, Jaffa
phone: +972-3-6818669


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