Thursday, April 9, 2009

Preserve Products Responds to Post About the Removal of Recycline Cups from Goucher College Dining Halls

The following is a comment from the post "Bon Appetit Plans to Remove Filthy Green Recycline Cups from Goucher College Dining Halls" left by Elisa Chiniara, Customer Service Associate at Preserve Products:
Thank you for taking the time to bring this issue to our attention. We applaud Goucher’s efforts to try to make the dining hall more sustainable by using recycled products. We are sorry that the products are not working for you. Prior to launching the line, we did test the tableware in a commercial dishwasher at a university as well as a residential dishwasher—both tests showed that the tableware including tumblers could hold up to the high heat and be perfectly clean when it came out. We have had no complaints like this since the product line launched four years ago. Perhaps there is something particular to the dishwasher that is causing the problem? We stand by the Preserve Tableware, whether it’s used on a small-scale in a home, or a larger-scale as in an office or school cafeteria.

In keeping with the environmental mission of Preserve, please do not throw away the tableware but rather send it back to us clean and we will incorporate it into our new pilot tableware sharing program. This program is for Preservers who would like to use large quantities of tableware for parties and gatherings. When choosing a new set of tableware for your dining hall, please encourage whoever is responsible for purchasing to continue to take the environment into consideration and research eco-friendly materials. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at
Goucher's new cups are here! They are much sturdier and cleaner than the previous green tumblers. I will look into getting more information about them tomorrow when I meet with Norman Zwagil, General Manager of Bon Appetit at Goucher College. I'll ask about the fate of the old cups and the environmental impact of the new ones.

Stay tuned!


Norman Zwagil said...

I hope that everyone enjoys the switch back to plastic tumblers and at the same time assists with maintaining the supply by keeping them in the dining hall. The cost of replacing these is higher than the cost of replacing the Preserve product but if we keep them in the halls for all students then this is sustainable step in the right direction. Thanks for the comments!

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